To be right too early, equals being wrong!
“It is better to be roughly right than precisely wrong”
John Maynard Keynes
In order to perform a successful examination, the ophthalmologist him/herself must be relaxed.
Only practical applications will validate theoretical achievements.
(Panacea p. 424).
There is no medicine to beat plus glasses!
The best proof that a diagnosis and treatment are correct is the disappearance of symptoms.
Hyperopia never lies, in other words at least the quantity that has been revealed is real.
What is the sign of a latent hyperopia? Quite frequently, excellent long distance vision!
A citation that I have adopted as my own:
“Myopia is a ‘violation’ of seeing”.
It is only a significant enough inborn hyperopia that saves one from slipping to the minus side
– or scanty close work (reading etc.).
The body never lies; it displays symptoms.
For the prevention of myopia to become unnecessary, it would mean that there were only people with an inborn myopia
(a rare anomaly) in the world, naturally an infeasible situation.
Many types of definitions are apt to make our logic clearer.