The idea and aim of all my writing, is to reach “the original state” of the human refraction. This means that the refraction is usually rather “equal”, and does not include the severe and complicated distortions, which are provoked by the accommodation strain, and are attempted to “correct” by cylindrical values in the glasses, unnecessarily. Attempting to reach this often means troublesome, but rewarding procedures.

    The other big issue is to determine and correct latent hyperopia, which is the situation with most people (until the accomodation spasm starts to drive the condition towards myopia). The use of plus diopters is to be pressed on the patient, to correct the hyperopia and prevent and improve the plethora of ailments. These are caused by the accommodation spasm of the overworked accommodation muscle: use of correct (plus)glasses will reduce the work required from the muscle and relax the spasm. The request to use plus glasses can be met with resistance, but as many ailments disappear with their use, the patient will be very satisfied and willing to continue the use of appropriate glasses.

    I do not know, and I suppose history has never known, anybody with this much evidence of being right who would have not been accepted by her colleagues for half a century!

    Time should be ripe to understand that among innumerable complications following the plusdeficient in people, migraine is, undoubtedly, the most important and devastating complication.One shall not overlook the huge number of migraine cases being cured with pure addition of plus diopters (weakening of the minuses works the same).